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Bulldog Pantry Volunteers “are Fresno State”

Bulldog Pantry volunteers created a video for the annual “I am Fresno State” video contest. This was their entry for 2010.

Bulldog Pantry Information

This video gives a brief overview of what the Bulldog Pantry is and how it functions. (Some information might be outdated due to when the video was shot)

Caroling for Cans 2009

Each year, ASI teams up with the Bulldog Pantry to “Carol for Cans.” This video was shot in 2009 when volunteers caroled for cans in different offices on campus.

Hike for Hunger Promo

This video was used as a promotion for the first ever “Hike for Hunger” benefiting the Bulldog Pantry. The Bulldog Pantry hopes to make this an annual event.

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